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The Department of Chemical Engineering is part of the Faculty of Applied Sciences (Ecole Polytechnique) at the University of Liege. It groups 60 people including seven professors, two permanent FNRS, 30 researchers and logistics, technical and administrative staff.

The research and training of the department are dedicated to areas of material synthesis, material characterization, hydrodynamics in multiphase systems, convective drying of deformable materials, tomography, computer-aided process engineering and development, environment and cryotechnics.
Officially created by the Board of Administrators of ULg on September 2001
President: A. LÉONARD
Vice-President: D. TOYE
Delegate of the Scientific staff: MN. DUMONT


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Institut de Chimie-Bâtiment B6, Sart Tilman, 4000 Liège, Belgium




President of the Department :Léonard Angélique


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